PTN WHD4 4x1 HDMI switcher

WHD4 is a 4 input HDMI selection switcher, with auto switching capability, which enables easy manual or RS232/Infrared remote switching between 4 DVD, computer or other HDMI sources. It is compatible with PC resolutions up to 1920*1200@60Hz, 1080P, 2k and also supports HDTV.

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· 340MHz (up to 16 bit Y-U-V 444 supported @ 1080P).

· Supports Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) and Display Data Channel (DDC) data

   using DVI and HDMI standards. EDID and DDC signals are actively buffered.

· Compliant with high-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) using DVI and HDMI 1.3

   standards. The built-in HDCP management technology can analyze HDCP keys, and realize

   handshakes internally.

· High resolution display, up to 1920*1200@60Hz, 1080P.

· Lip-Sync pass-through.

· Deep-color supported (XV color supported).

· Dolby Digital True HD, DTS-HD supported.

· CEC protocol pass-through.

· Built-in Gain compensation and synchronization signal proofread technology.

· RS232 serial control port. Public command.

·Buttons on the front panel for control.

· Static resistant case with protection.

· Wall/table-mountable aluminium enclosure, PT case design.

· Front panel LED indicator shows the user the system & switching information of the product.

· Internal international power supply (100Volt~240Volt AC, 50/60Hz).

· All models are equipped with an internal, auto-switching power supply that has all applicable safety certifications.